University of Vigo (UVigo)

Partner skills

Development of geotechnologies in the mapping of transport infrastructure and the digitization of Smart Cities. The group has its own infrastructure for these tasks, with a vehicle instrumented with mobile scanner lasers, navigation systems and computer vision systems (RGB camera and thermographic).

Transnational experience

H2020: UVigo research team coordinates the SAFEWAY project, focused on “Resilience to extreme events”.

Role in the project

Development and implementation of technologies and procedures for monitoring large infrastructures using geotechnologies and remote sensing. Extraction of geometric and radiometric models for inventory, inspection and monitoring of the service level of the infrastructures and their vulnerability.

Activities to implement in the project

WP2: As leader, will be responsible for the project communication strategy aimed to identify and organise dissemination and communication activities to promote SIRMA’s results and to obtain the widest dissemination of knowledge from the project.

WP5: Assembly and implementation of mobile mapping devices based on artificial vision and 3D measurement systems. Extraction, pre-processing of data and development of algorithms that allow the creation of structural models and monitoring of necessary pathologies for WP6 and WP7. Transversal tasks of preparation, coordination, communication and capitalization of results (WP0, WP1, WP2 and WP3).

Contact person

Belén Riveiro Rodríguez