University of Nantes (UNantes)

Partner skills

UNantes provides to SIRMA expertise in stochastic modelling of deterioration processes and maintenance for reinforced concrete structures, and assessment of impacts and cost-effectiveness of adaptation strategies for structures under a changing climate.

Transnational experience

UNantes has been involved in the previous European research projects: INTERREG MEDACHS (2005-2007), INTERREG DURATINET (2009-2014), and H2020MSCA-IF-2014 ClimatCon (2015-2017).

UNantes is an active member of various technical committees working on the topic of climate change and structures: IABSE, ACI, and JRC.

Role in Project

Coordinate scientifically work-package 4 . Provide expertise on climate change assessment and adaptation for transportation infrastructure. Actively participate to the promotion of the project by diffusing the project results to the professional and scientific communities.

Activities to implement in the project

UNantes will be an active member of WP1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. They will be in charge of the scientific coordination of WP4. The contribution to WP4 will mainly focus on the stochastic evaluation of the vulnerability/consequences of transportation infrastructure to progressive and sudden events related with climate change. This requires to create database considering climate change scenarios and to develop a stochastic model of sudden events. The methodology and findings will be used on the determination of the cost-effectiveness of climate change adaptation strategies in WP6. UNantes will be enthusiastically involved in the dissemination of results by publishing the results in recognized scientific journals and international conferences. Other results and databases will be shared throughout the website of the project. In addition, a transnational workshop will be organized in Nantes to promote the project findings thought the professional community.

Contact person