University of Surrey (USurrey)

Partner skills

Asset management, bridge scour, climate change impacts, risk and reliability

Transnational experience

The University of Surrey Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) has participated in a number of European projects related to the current application:

  • FP7 project MAINLINE looking at long term deterioration/corrosion models for railway bridges.
  • COST Action TU0601 leading the categorization of the failure consequences for bridge structures.

Role in the project

  • Participate in WP4 and will provide technical contribution towards the assessment of climate change impacts on long-term degradation processes and extreme events in the form of bridge scour.
  • Lead the development of the framework for consequence analysis of transportation networks.

Activities to implement in the project

University of Surrey will implement a consequence analysis framework that will be integrated within the risk-based decision-making framework. The research team will also utilise deterioration models for metallic bridges and implement scour risk models that will be analysed under changing environmental conditions within a stochastic methodology.

Contact person

Boulent Imam